What are meme coins as a guide for beginners in 2023

Meme coins are shaggy dog story digital belongings that started out with the Dogecoin motion in 2013. The popular parody coin aimed to color numerous of the pinnacle altcoins that started rolling out following the popularity of Bitcoin.

meme coins as a guide for beginners in 2023

However, the meme coins a niche of interest due to the fact that turns out to be a form of social motion with social media platforms being the main contributor to their growth. These initiatives are extra community-pushed than other crypto tasks and maximum include little-use instances. One example of a meme coin is Samoyed.

Are Meme Coins a Good Investment

A question you would possibly ask yourself when investing in cryptocurrency is whether a digital property is a very good investment.

When it involves meme coins, it's miles really worth noting that there are appropriate facets and there are demerits. The demerit is the reality that many meme coins are sincerely held together by way of the communities supporting them.

However, there also are a number of precise matters about meme coins – including:

Getting a Broad Community

If you may discover a meme coin that has a huge network, then you are definitely secure.

Some of the pinnacle meme coins on our list are simply this way. Dogecoin has a big community – and so does Shiba Inu. Several different properties on the meme crypto coins list also are seeing their community swell.

You can invest within the most popular meme coins even as understanding that your budget is blanketed and could rise.

Building on FOMO

The Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is one of the most important drivers of growth for crypto. And, meme coins had been capable of riding this to the moon.

When Dogecoin broke out in the early components of 2021, it did so with the help of names like Elon Musk, who continued to promote it. The asset sooner or later caught on, and the FOMO became built. Soon, all of us wanted to get our palms on some DOGE.

As FOMO keeps to constructing, there ought to be a large boom in the value of the coin properly. This makes meme coins a number of the maximum popular tokens with regard to day trading crypto.

Meme Coins could Rebrand

Another astonishing component about meme coins is that they might usually come to be more useful. The reality is that meme coins can only get a lot of help from their communities. But, if the asset doesn’t have a definitive use, then it would become lagging.

To triumph over this, a number of the fine meme cash for 2022 have already begun converting. Dogecoin is now regular as a charging technique at the Tesla keep, and there are probabilities that other companies may receive it. Shiba Inu’s developers are also operating on a decentralized exchange known as ShibaSwap.

All of these are sure to offer the meme coins more usefulness. Coupled with their already large communities, they ought to be able to see magnificent gains overall.

Meme Coin Price

Now, let’s investigate the elements that pressure the prices of some of the high-quality meme coins to invest in.


Believe it or Believe not, volatility is the primary motive force for meme coins. Investors are enamored with the fact that they can put small quantities of money into an asset, and its value should balloon by way of multiples in just days. They’ve visible it manifest over and over, and they’d need to get in on the following meme coins in order to explore.

Social Media Hype

As defined in advance, the whole point of meme coins is to get hype from a huge network of humans. Dogecoin blew up because Crypto Twitter started talking about it partly due to Elon Musk’s tweets. Today, it's by far one of the maximum valuable coins on the market. The identical came about with Shiba Inu.

For most meme coins, it is critical to constantly look at their social media mentions and what people beings are saying. In this manner, you get to realize the marketplace’s pulse about the coin.

Price Bargain

Another massive aspect that drives the price of a meme coin is relative affordability. Compared to established assets like Bitcoin (BTC) and Solano (SOL), meme coins are pretty reasonably-priced. DOGE still trades around $0.13 nowadays, and other meme coins are even much less valuable.

Investors with nothing to lose will experience assured spending on meme coins because they’re well worth relatively less. So, whatever happens, their portfolios are rather excellent.

Where to Buy Meme Coins

If you would like to find meme coins, we advise that you use a crypto exchange. These systems concentrate on facilitating crypto exchanges, offering access to the entire market from the comfort of your house.

Some meme coins that are but to be listed at large centralized crypto exchanges, such as Floki Inu, can be located on decentralized exchanges (DEXes) like Pancakeswap and Uniswap. Be cautious while the usage of the ones – visit the official website of the coin to get the right agreement address.

Of all to-be-had exchanges, we primarily endorse buying and selling with eToro. The platform has the lot you need to make crypto trades, including an easy-to-use interface, low minimal buying and selling stability, and zero-fee trading.

With eToro, you can make payments using exceptional channels – from cards to bank transfers or even fee processors.

And, the broking offers a Copy Trader function that allows you to discover the top buyers on its platform and duplicate their trades. This way, you're making cash once they do.

For beginners who are still learning the ropes, the eToro Copy Trader feature is a great way to make money while you sharpen your skills.


Meme coins: These assets offer a great deal of potential for gains, and they could make you a fortune pretty quickly – however, finding the right asset can be a drag.

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