Can Ethereum overtake Bitcoin Reddit? Some Tremors Beneath the Surface

Can Ethereum “Flip” Bitcoin

In recent months, it has become increasingly difficult to ignore the growing panic about how cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, are regulated.

A growing concern among regulators over digital currencies has led to a host of negative headlines and regulatory actions.

But the panic has also led to one positive aspect: the explosive growth of the cryptocurrency industry has prompted several notable companies to develop blockchain solutions.

These solutions include efforts by platforms such as Zello and Hyper, as well as the development of entirely new projects, such as Ardor.

Can Ethereum overtake Bitcoin Reddit? Some Tremors Beneath the Surface

Plus: the latest on Robinhood, Binance, and the Metaverse

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao has a new idea: to introduce a peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platform within Robinhood.

Changpeng believes Robinhood can become a one-stop shop for investing, sending, and managing your money.

He compared Robinhood to Uber and Airbnb but stressed that Robinhood limits its functionality to accounts recommended by the bot, and only provides access to Robinhood-branded ATMs in a few cities.

Changpeng also addressed the question of whether Robinhood will offer a debit

In the metaverse, Robinhood is expanding and innovating to become the world's leading crypto-focused investment platform, while Binance and the metaverse companies build a proprietary infrastructure that will continue to meet the needs and provide the experiences of the next billion users.

The Metaverse will eventually bring Augmented and Virtual Reality into people's homes.

Today, we're taking that next step. With the Robinhood Crypto API, Robinhood users can now access a wider range of crypto assets on our platforms, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, using a Metaverse account and Robinhood Crypto API.

Coinbase Opens Up ETH Staking to “Prime” Clients

Exchange announced on Monday that it will allow the staking feature to some clients earlier.

Coinbase says its “goal is to make it easier to earn more” by offering staking as a service to facilitate “faster setup, more convenient storage, and increased access” to its product.

Coinbase has opened up access to instant storage with a Proof of Stake feature.

The feature works by allowing customers to send ETH and receive a portion of it back in the form of a return.

The platform has made staking service available to its “core” clients since May and has already seen thousands sign up to use the service.

It will help early "Prime" customers improve the user experience by further reducing friction.

The Latest Regulatory Drama at Robinhood, Binance

Last month, regulators ordered Robinhood to stop trading cryptocurrency so it can better scrutinize its customers.

Now, the company has no choice but to comply, while markets are wracked with uncertainty.

Public Description: Robinhood's expected Initial Public Offering (IPO) was the largest technical public offering since Facebook went public in 2012.

The stock boasts a 25-38% discount from its IPO price and ranks next only to the IPOs of Facebook, Google, and Netflix in terms of the amount of cash it raised.

The question is, now that Robinhood is public, will it still be able to offer a real stock market without fees?

Robinhood made two important announcements this week, the first of which was the launch of Robinhood Crypto, which allows people to buy and sell cryptocurrency in their app without having to use a broker.

The second, announced this morning, is that Robinhood has raised a $1.8 billion funding round, led by fresh capital from a group of investors including Accel, Thrive Capital, NEA, Thrivent Financial, and Coatue.

The Metaverse: A $50 Billion Market by 2026, Says Technavio

Technavio's latest market research report predicts that the metaverse market is expected to grow from $50 billion to about $50 billion by 2026.

The metaverse or virtual environment is believed to have the potential to change the way we live our lives and is often seen as a potential game changer for the way we work and play.

However, with a significant barrier to entry and high development costs, the metaverse was difficult to sell. Many challenges stand in the way of the metaverse, but one of the most important was its rate of adoption.

By 2026, global Metaverse revenue will reach $50 billion in annual revenue.

The market research and advisory services team of Technavio has released a report that predicts the market size, market potential, growth trends, and opportunities for manufacturers.

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